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CardiologyIn our website you will find information about heart disease, cardiovascular risk factors and recommendations on how to live a heart-healthy life. You can learn interesting issues related to heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, physical exercise and sports, diets, and the relationship with other heart diseases. We highlight, among other things, how to follow a proper diet, and the different aspects of sport in preventing cardiovascular disease. Also, we insist on the risks of snuff and how to quit. It is shown that the best prevention for heart disease is to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Web of the Heart try to include articles on the most frequent and most interesting heart disease. The site has a section of questions on those issues most commonly asked the cardiologist, with the corresponding answers. We also include articles on different heart disease, risk factors and related topics. Our website is primarily intended for the general population, so we will try to give explanations in the simplest way possible, always adapting to scientific knowledge. The site is open to the general public and everyone can read our articles and comments. Health professionals can participate in Web of the Heart submitting articles that will be published once confirmed their compliance with our standards.

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